Today, access floors are the best solution for many other projects
where technical flexibility is required. The completely accessible
interspace created by the access floor allows for a totally free and unobstructed alignment and re-alignment of all electrical and
hydraulic ducts, cabling and wiring without any masonry obstacles. Consequently it is easy moving or creating new work station with telephones, computers and lighting systems. All these prerogatives together with the possibility of accessing to the plenum, make the Raised Access Floor an indispensable element in the construction of offices, banks control stations and other areas with open space lay-outs. CBI Europe Spa is today the only company in the world, producing in one single manufacturing location, the 4 different types of "Raised access floors" as required by the raised floor market.

- High density wood fibre core panels
- Calcium sulfate core panels
- Ceramic tile covered panels
- Fully steel encapsulated panels.

A-Size 600 x 600 x 38 mm wood core panel perimeter edge ABS
0.5 mm, Top covering HPL original ABET walkprint, bottom
covered with galvanized steel dish, thickness 0.50mm, weight

B- Size 600 x 600 x 31 mm wood core panel covered completely
(top & bottom) with galvanized steel, thickness 0.50 mm, weight

Features panels:
- Maximum distribution load > 2000 Kg/M2
- Particle-board core density 700/720 Kg/M2
- Fire resistance 30 minutes according to EN12825.2OO3 (F-30 according to DIN41O2)
- Fire reduction Class 'O'
- Adjustable height from 270 to 340mm. Other heights are available upon request.
- Stringers & Spacers systems are available upon request.
- Antistatic accordin to EN 1815