Beyond the purity of the lines and the rigidity of the solid 13 mm and 19 mm laminate hides high quality finishing which make our toilet partition on top of the range which are particularly adapted for intensive long term use. We are a leading Service Provider And Supplier of Toilet Partitions in Saudi Arabia since 1978. Al Nafea Partitions is providing Toilet Partition Services in Government and Private sectors such as Toilet Partition in Offices,  Toilet Partition in Schools, Toilet Partition in Universities, Toilet Partition in Hospitals, Toilet Partition in Factories, Toilet Partition in Resident Buildings etc.Toilet Partition Pic
We are the best Toilet Partition Supplier in Saudi Arabia. Our Toilet Partition Front doors made from 13 mm or 19 mm thick solid laminate, guaranteed in a humid atmosphere. Front rabbet doors with no visible screws, lacquered aluminium streamer, stainless steel anti burglary screw nylon anti corrosion glass fiber. Assembly Parts (champs and brackets) in stainless steel coated with 100% baked polyester resin.Nylon glass reinforced foot studs to adjust the distance from the ground from 100 to 140 mm.
Standard Dimensions:
Width: 1800 to 1000 mm
Height: 1860 mm + Distance from the ground  100 to 140 mm.
Door Heights: 1760 mm.
It's made from themo-setting resin and the decoration is integrate into the panels.